Florence Welch in Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana from the Outnet, Ashish current season at net-a-Porter, Topshop

Why isn’t the high street all over embellished denim?

I’ve always loved embellished denim. No, wait. Make that, I’ve loved embellished denim since 1973 when my sister bought a pair of shrink-to-fit Levi’s. After wearing them in the bath for several hours they emerged a perfect fit, if rather damp, and she proceeded to add studs. For 13-year-old me, that was the ultimate in…

Jonathan Saunders SS16

Jonathan Saunders goes to Diane von Furstenberg

Success in fashion isn’t necessarily dependent on talent and some of the most talented designers fail, especially when they’re UK-based. But now Jonathan Saunders is off to better financed climes with the news that he’s the new creative director at Diane von Furstenberg.

Guess uses big data tech to boost local in-store shopping

Modern retail is all about omnichannel but finding the sweet spot where the website helps drive traffic into stores and where the stores help drive shoppers online (all while increasing, rather than cannibalising, sales) is hard. Now Guess is planning a tech assault designed to get those clickers through its physical store doors, in the…

Cannes Film Festival 2016

Cannes Film Festival: Fashion fun on the riviera

Who cares about the movies on show when you can ogle celebs on the red carpet? Well, some of us do actually but it has to be said that the Cannes Film Festival has always been as much of a celeb photo opportunity as a celebration of either high art or popular culture.