Gen Z. Picture courtesy Lee Cooper

Gen Z: The bargain hunters who LOVE to e-shop

A few years ago, I couldn’t tell a Millennial from any other member of society. Now barely a day goes by when I don’t have to write something with the word Millennial in the headline. As an unreconstructed Baby Boomer it drives me mad. So it’s a refreshing change for the Demographic of the Day…

Jolly Roger

What the…???

For someone who usually has a lot to say I’m (almost) lost for words. Waking up on November 9 2016 feels like June 24 2016, only 100 times worse. So what has this year taught us? Lying is ok. Demonising Poles, Romanians, women, Mexicans, Muslims, and just about anyone else is perfectly ok.

Older women

Older women and fashion: The big issue

When I was a kid, women always seemed to look older than they do now. Of course, everyone looks old when you’re tiny. But looking back at films and pictures, it seems that despite the teenage youth-quake, when women hit 25 they felt they had to grow up so 25-year-olds dressed like their mums and by…