Cyber Monday US: It’s big and getting bigger

US Cyber Monday sales are on track to smash all records but they’re also causing headaches with websites crashing or, at best, slowing down. Adobe, which tracks 80% of transactions from the top 100 retailers in the US, said sales between midnight and 10:00 rose 14% to $490m and it expects them to reach $3bn by…

Wishlist: 70s retro print maxidresses

I have issues with printed maxi dresses as ‘women of a certain age’ embraced them as a summer holiday cover-up option a few years back. To me, they’re very middle-aged and being middle-aged myself, I avoid them. But this season feels different. The 70s cuts don’t make me think ouzo, but Ossie (Clarke, that is).

Cyber Monday keeps top e-shopping title

Another day, another special retail event. It’s Cyber Monday (as if you didn’t know) and the question is: will it retain its status in the US as the biggest online shopping day? Some thought it wouldn’t. But, as Mark Twain would say, reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated.

Black Friday US: Mobile, omnichannel win big

Black Friday is now an online phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic – it’s official. I’ve already analysed the move online at length in the UK but in the US, where Black Friday began (and where its existence makes a lot more sense), the migration to the web has taken some people by surprise…

Black Friday is dead, long live Black Friday!

I promised I wouldn’t mention Black Friday again until solid stats came through next week. But with new info coming fast, I’ve relented. There are several points I’m finding interesting about it in the UK and they’re quite contradictory – just as it becomes the most popular shopping day for bargain-hunting Brits, it’s also becoming obsolete. Confused?

Idris Elba Superdry launch blocks Regent Street

Say what you like about celebrity fashion ranges but there’s one thing you can’t fault about them – they really get people excited, not only about buying fashion, but also about queuing for hours in the cold to buy it. I had trouble negotiating my way down Regent Street, London, this afternoon. The queues for the Idris Elba collection launch spread down and across the street outside Superdry’s flagship store.