Gigi Hadid: Babe on bonnet for BMW and pouting in Penshoppe

Gigi Hadid for Penshoppe Denim SS16

Gigi Hadid for Penshoppe Denim SS16

Supermodels get everywhere these days and it always shocks me how the fashion industry doesn’t seem to mind that its latest campaign star is in everyone else’s campaign too. In fact, given that the very word ‘fashion’ does presuppose a herd mentality, brands seem to like that she (or occasionally he) is everywhere. It means they got it right.

So I come to Gigi Hadid. I wish I had that girl’s bank balance because this season she’s pretty much the number one choice for campaign star. Most of the campaigns she’s appeared in err on the side of sexy rather than cool, which is really no problem usually.It’s not as if she can help being sexy. Although maybe sometimes it is a problem.

Take the latest two. In one of them she’s pouting her way through a Penshoppe DenimLab shoot. Fair enough. But in the other, for BMW, it’s like we’ve been whisked back in time to the Babes on Bonnets days.In those old skool car ads, carmakers assumed the buyers were men and that a girl in a bikini/mini dress/slither of chiffon evening dress would convince them that BMW’s torque or electronic grear shift control were somehow better than Toyota’s. Maybe it just says a lot about the kind of people who buy that car!

Gigi Hadid for BMW SS16

Gigi Hadid for BMW SS16

Oh well, I suppose at least we’ve got the AW16 ads campaigns to look forward to in a few weeks (just as the weather gets warm). At least our supermodel favourites will be a bit more wrapped up for them.

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