Resort 2017 denim: Mad, trad, fad but never bad

Runway denim and high street denim are two different animals but sometimes they come together with ideas from the runway filtering through to a store shelf near you. And this pre-season? Well there’s plenty to pick from including intense colour, zany pattern effects, shrunken or oversized versions of timeless classics and a jamboree of embroidered…

Pre-fall 2016 trend: Denim wars, pick your side

We’ve had several seasons now in which runway designers have embraced denim and pre-fall 16 is no different. Well actually, it’s different in one key respect. Instead of denim looks covering the full range of options, this time they’ve polarised into two extremes. In one corner we have the ultra decorative, in the other something…

Paige Denim for sale – the price might surprise you

It didn’t even exist when the premium denim trend started but that hasn’t held Paige Denim back. It’s only 10 years old but it’s up for sale with a eye-watering valuation, according to reports.

Paige, named after founder Paige Adams-Geller, is known for its superb fit and is a celebrity favourite, with its flared Lou Lou style (a steal at £250 from Harvey Nichols) making waves at the moment.