LFW: Burberry says bye-bye Bailey in style

Farewell collections are always tough, the accumulated weight of a designer’s however-many-years at a label are a hard act to follow in most cases. But Christopher Bailey pulled it off at the weekend, offering up a strong street edge, an LGBTQ tribute that tapped into current colour trends, and a deft use of the brand’s…

SS18 key detail: Ready for the ruche hour?

It’s been quite a few years since ruching was the stuff of fashion trends. Without trying to sound like a fashion snob (who, me?), in recent years it’s been the go-to option for value brands looking for a low-hanging-fruit ‘sexy eveningwear’ option.

Isabel Marant SS18

Isabel Marant: Relief from the fashion madness

I feel like I’m being really conservative this fashion Month but I’m still reeling from those bubble dresses Anthony Vaccarello sent down the Saint Laurent runway. It’s like I was growing increasingly allergic to the more ridiculous end of the fashion spectrum and I’ve been tipped over the edge.

Dior SS18

SS18: Has M.G.C. made it time to adore Dior?

The fashion world still hasn’t quite made up its mind about Maria Grazia Chiuri’s tenure at Dior and it’s easy to see why. We applaud the spectacular, the grand statement, even the faintly ridiculous. A game-changing makeover like the one Alessandro Michele drove at Gucci is easy to buy into. But a less showy makeover…

Gucci SS18

Gucci: The good, the bad and the occasionally lovely

Why fix it if it isn’t broken? That’s the big question around Gucci at the moment with many fashion observers wondering when (and if) brand saviour Alessandro Michele will shift gear from his eclectic, hugely decorative style. He’s well aware of that  speculation but seems not to care for now. With sales rising … no…