What the…???

Jolly RogerFor someone who usually has a lot to say I’m (almost) lost for words. Waking up on November 9 2016 feels like June 24 2016, only 100 times worse.

So what has this year taught us? Lying is ok. Demonising Poles, Romanians, women, Mexicans, Muslims, and just about anyone else is perfectly ok.

Coming up with crazy ideas that appeal to the worst instincts in people is ok, even if you have to backtrack quickly with a wink and a “my bad!” 

People judge ‘bossy’ women more harshly than boorish men.

Oh, and opinion polls are pointless.

But also…

Of course, we’ve also learnt one other important thing. We can’t ignore the emotions that lead people to vote in particular ways. Condemning them as Little Englanders, bigots, idiots and the like overlooks real problems.

While for some their votes are driven by simple hatred of certain groups, for others it’s about a feeling of powerlessness, that they’re unfairly missing out on the good times that many are enjoying and that nobody in power seems to care.

There are lessons in these issues for all of us. Let’s hope we learn those lessons in good ways.

Roll on 2020…

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