Robot shopping trolley, picture courtesy Pixabay

Robot shopping trolley: Coming to a superstore near you… maybe

Another day, another robot story. And more specifically, another Wal-Mart tech story. It seems the US retail giant is now working with Five Elements Robotics to develop a robotic shopping trolley. Five Elements is the company behind Budgee, the $1,400 “friendly robot that carries your stuff,” and its CEO Wendy Roberts mentioned the new project…

CES 2016: WowWee unveils Robot AI dog

The maker of MiP (the cute self-balancing robot) is unveiling another robot ‘toy’ at CES in Las Vegas that’s likely to induce “I want one” feelings in anyone but the hardest hearted. WowWee’s newest offer is CHiP, a robotic dog with “an AI personality”. CHiP stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet and is described by…

Welcome to the future: Robotics market to soar

The robots are coming… no don’t panic (not yet anyway). But a new report does show consumer robotics growing from 33 million shipments and $3.5bn today (who knew?) to 165 million shipments and $17bn in revenue in 10 years’ time. Will we see robots making up a segment of the luxury goods industry some time soon? You never know.