CES 2016: WowWee unveils Robot AI dog

CHiP by WowWee new

CHiP, the AI robotic dog by WowWee

The maker of MiP (the cute self-balancing robot) is unveiling another robot ‘toy’ at CES in Las Vegas that’s likely to induce “I want one” feelings in anyone but the hardest hearted.

WowWee’s newest offer is CHiP, a robotic dog with “an AI personality”. CHiP stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet and is described by the company as “the ultimate AI Robotic Dog”.

It’s based on new Mechatronics, a combination of wireless technology, telecommunications engineering and a suite of advanced sensors. CHiP recognises its owner and responds to commands using the included SmartBand, a rechargeable wearable controller. It can play fetch and other games with its SmartBall, WowWee says “interacting in all the ways a real dog would”.

If it’s anything like my dogs, that means either grabbing the ball and ripping it to pieces or hiding it behind the bins. I doubt whether CHiP does either of those things and WowWee says it can even play soccer with its owner, which is more than either of my mutts can manage.

And at the end of the day it heads to its own SmartBed and recharges, all for only $199.99. I want one.

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