SS16 ad campaign: Dolce & Gabbana continues Sicilian celebration

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 5

I’m always intrigued when each new Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign is released to see how the oh-so-Italian label will gently revamp its particular brand of luxe, sexy, southern Italian style.

Just as the label’s collections are a continual reinvention of the same basic theme, so the ads recreate the dolce vita Sicilian sunshine lifestyle season-after-season.

We don’t expect anything radical or edgy. But that’s not a criticism because what we get is always exuberant, lush and a kind of on-going love affair with a particular type of woman (think Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci and you’re on the right track). We also get a confirmation of the Dolce & Gabbana man – the brooding guy in the dark suit who doesn’t detract from his female counterpart but who stands out in any crowd. Think David Gandy but with an Italian accent.

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 2

And for the brand, it’s a continual reassertion of what the label stands for and the lifestyle we can tap into even if we’re only buying a bottle of Eau de Toilette or a pair of sunglasses.

So is the theme continuing for SS16? Of course it is. This time though the Italian lifestyle overlay is all about the caffe/ristorante and the market in scenes packed with a cast of top models (including Luma Grothe, Leila Nda and Pauline Hoarau), market vendors, nuns, and Italian matrons.

The collection’s overriding message (#italiaislove) is spelt out clearly, while its material messag (its use of striped and gingham fabrics) is emphasised through the awnings and tablecloths.

The brand’s handbags also take a starring role in scenes recreating market stalls that in the real world are more likely to be selling fakes than genuine bags with five-figure price tags.

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 8

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 6

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 7

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 3

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 1

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 4

Dolce_Gabbana SS16 ads 9

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