Sneak preview: Nordstrom’s New York City store

Nordstrom Manhattan Flagship W57th Glass Waveforms at Night

Nordstrom Manhattan Flagship Store – West 57th Street – Glass Waveforms Facade at Night

Can’t wait for Nordstrom to open in New York City? Well the retailer has given us a sneak preview of what its store will look like.

Covering four properties in the Columbus Circle neighbourhood of Manhattan along Broadway between West 57th and West 58th Streets, the 363,000 sq ft store should open in 2019.

The four properties mix new and old with existing, historic buildings and new construction at the base of Central Park Tower. Plans include modern glass façades on the new construction at the base of Central Park Tower. Additionally, Nordstrom will restore or rebuild the street level façades of the other buildings to evoke their original historic designs.

At Central Park Tower the glass façades created by James Carpenter Design Associates (JCDA) of New York are designed to fill each floor with light, while at the same time showing the interior to anyone on the street. Customers will be able to shop retail space located on seven storeys, two below street-level and five above. A seven-level atrium at the heart of the building, also designed by JCDA, highlights the escalators connecting each floor.

The seven-level glass waveforms façades were created to catch light as it strikes through the east-west axis of West 57th and West 58th Streets, and continually changes as the sun angles shift from morning to evening, and throughout the seasons. The waveforms also provide an interactive viewing experience for customers inside the store and for those outside at street level, creating views up and down the streets while selectively displaying the activity within the store, we’re told.

Can’t wait…

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