SS17: Dean and Dan go deconstructed Dynasty at DSquared2

DSquared2 SS17If this season has been all about maximalism, then yesterday’s Milan shows were the ultimate expression of that trend. So it was with Dean and Dan Caten over at DSquared2 where the 80s theme underlined that maximalist approach. A quick look at the label’s Instagram page with a picture of Joan Collins as Alexis Colby made it all pretty clear where the influence was coming from.

Not that the collection for SS17 was remotely Dynasty-style stiff or starched. Take the first look out. A black sweatshirt emblazoned with gold, with oversized puffed leopard sleeves and ripped-up gem-encrusted jeans. The Colbys and the Carringtons would have been just a little confused. Alexis would have been apoplectic.

And so it went on. Those sleeves were the key takeaway (and perhaps the power sleeve has been the key takeaway from the three fashion weeks so far this season). Also key were relaxed fit jeans (cropped or slouchy) with piebald bleach splatters and  sequin overlays, military-influenced jackets, sequinned denim shirts, 80s length mini silk skirts, bow-belts with gem encrustations, and vertiginous sandals that were laced, ribbon-tied and jewelled to within an inch of their lives.

I loved it, but then I’m a DSquared2 fan. 

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