Alexa Chung for Ugg: Cool campaign, comfy boots and funny typos

Alexa Chung and Stella Greenspan for UGG AW16

Alexa Chung and Stella Greenspan for UGG AW16

OK, back to blog posting after a too-busy week (doing paid work). So what shall I talk about? The US presidential election? The Labour shadow cabinet? Samsung’s PR nightmare over the Galaxy Note 7?

Nah, let’s be really shallow. Ugg has announced its first ever creative brand partnership with Alexa Chung as part of its campaign supporting the existing Classic boot and to launch the Classic II boot.

Anna Z Grey on the set with UGG

Anna Z Grey on the set with UGG

So far, so unsurprising you might say. Although it’s interesting that thins isn’t just a “let’s a take a picture of an attractive skinny person” deal. No indeed. Chung gets to “express her creative talent behind-the-scenes” as art director. That means she was in charge of the shoot from concept, to crew and cast.

Set in New York, a series of portraits capture a group of women within the creative industry “who are celebrated for their individual style, have a strong sense of self and enjoy a close relationship with Chung,” Ugg said.  Presumably that means she’s included a bunch of her friends in the shoot, which is fair enough – why take on someone with a network like Chung must have if you don’t want to make the most of it?

The whole thing was photographed by Ben Rayner, while stylist Stella Greenspan (who used to be Grace Coddington’s assistant) worked alongside Chung. Blake Erik and Charlotte Day styled the hair and did the make-up respectively.

The original press release quoted Chung saying: “I’ve always appreciated classic items of clothing and always been drawn to things that have a perineal appeal,”  rather than “perennial appeal” and a correction had to be issued. Sorry, my inner smutty schoolgirl can’t help laughing at that.

Cleo Wade on the set with UGG

Cleo Wade on the set with UGG

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