Who won NYFW’s social media war?

It used to be that coming out on top during fashion week meant getting the best review from the doyennes of international fashion journalism. Now, not so much. Who cares about getting a great review from Suzy Menkes when digital engagements from millions of us are the new measure of success?

French shoppers_Paris

Mobile wallets: French shoppers say “non merci”

Samsung Pay celebrated its first birthday last month and hit 100m transactions worldwide (well, from the seven countries in which it was available). But in a world where m-commerce is surging, there still seems to be a lot of consumer resistance to smartphone-based mobile wallets in some countries. That’s despite many shoppers in those countries…

AI_Artificial Intelligence

Amazon ups its AI cred with eBay exec

It’s a funny old world. It used to be that journalists tapped people’s phones, spoke to people who knew them and hung around outside their houses to get information. Nowadays though, they trawl our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, especially if we work for big tech firms. So the latest social media revelation? According to Dow…