Brits are world-leading online shoppers says new data

Online shopping. Picture courtesy Pixabay

Today’s story about Amazon testing drone deliveries in the UK isn’t just about the company finding a government happy to progress with the tech. It’s also about the size of the UK market and its importance to e-tailers.

New data from European fashion aggregator Stylight backs that up with news that as many as 87% of UK shoppers bought something online in the last quarter.

That’s a pretty momentous figure, showing as it does an almost universal acceptance of e-tail among British consumers, wiping away years of concerns over data protection, identity theft, inconvenient deliveries and returns, and inability to touch and feel the products before you buy.

And that figure is only going to rise because the young are among the most enthusiastic e-shoppers. Nearly a quarter of online shoppers fall into the 25-to-34-year-old group. This is hugely important because, as a group, they’re estimated to have spending power approaching £9bn by 2020. And they’re fast shoppers too, with Stylight’s data showing over a quarter of them buy items the same day as they find them.

Across all age groups, women are the biggest e-shoppers, 68% of them buying online in the last quarter with Monday evening being the favourite shopping time for both sexes.

And what are they buying? The company said the more desired fashion brands on its platform included Asos, Lipsy, Bon Prix, Michael Kors and Little Mistress.

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