Night Owl

Black Friday Weekend: The rise of the night owl

Well, that was a surprise wasn’t it? All those predictions of an online surge and physical store armageddon seem to have been wrong. As I said in a post yesterday, it’s clear Black Friday weekend is still evolving. That became even clearer after some more figures today.

Empty shopping mall

UK store footfall: The news gets worse

More figures about the state of UK retailing in June.  More to get depressed about. Springboard has just released its June footfall figures and they show overall visitor traffic falling 2.8%. In detail, that meant a 3.7% drop to high streets, a 1% fall to retail parks and a 2.3% drop at shopping centres.

Update! Easter retail footfall: Wet, wet, wet

Weather forecasters can get it wrong. Retail forecasters can get it even more wrong. They predicted an uptick in retail footfall this Easter weekend but what we got was a drop. Not that either can be blamed as forecasting (speaking as a trend forecaster) isn’t an exact science. That’s very true when it comes to…

UK high streets quiet again, Brit shoppers become nighthawks

How did UK retail footfall fare in February? Hard to tell! The latest figures appear to show a clear cut trend but scratch the surface and you can see all sorts of movements developing with UK consumers turning into after-dark shoppers. So, let’s go for face value first: The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Springboard said…

January footfall: Cheers all round for UK high streets?

OK, first question: Did UK shoppers hit the stores in January? Yes! That was the resounding answer from the latest footfall stats released today by the British Retail Consortium and Springboard. In fact, footfall rose 1.2% year-on-year. It may be a small number in universal terms but in terms of store footfall it was big……

UK footfall down again but which destinations rose?

If you thought I was done with all those Christmas shopping reports, think again. My readers don’t escape that easily. The reason? The latest report from Springboard about shopper footfall during December. You see it’s not only sales that count – actual shopping trips are key to the health of the retail sector and give…