Pre-fall 16: Five reasons to love Au Jour Le Jour

AJLJ anchor

Au Jour Le Jour pre-fall 16

Au Jour Le Jour is a label that’s been making an impact in recent seasons and based on the pre-fall 16 offer, it looks set to continue that grand tradition. Here’s why…

  1. Animal magic

Pre-season’s cats, birds, and skin prints are all here but while they track the popular folk-meets-kidult theme seen elsewhere, they feel different. The mood is youthful (but not exclusively young), quirky and relaxed.

AJLJ animal board

Au Jour Le Jour pre-fall 16

  1. Sequin stories

Designers who know how to handle a sequin have a built-in advantage this pre-season and AJLJ certainly does. Whether it’s a snake-meets-Roswell-alien or the season’s must-have tiger pattern, these sequins are more than just a way of adding shine and can work as well for day as for after-dark.

AJLJ sequin board

Au Jour Le Jour pre-fall 16

  1. Pattern power

Decorative leather, geometrics, placement animal motifs, checks, and embellishment are all big trend news for pre-seasons. If you can combine them all in one look, so much the better. AJLJ has made a heavy commitment to pattern play and it feels fun – but also eminently wearable.

AJLJ pattern board

Au Jour Le Jour pre-fall 16

  1. Tassels & fringes

Carefully placed tassel trims are making an impact on dresses, outerwear and knits. AJLJ is one of the best examples. Enough said.

AJLJ tassel board

Au Jour Le Jour pre-fall 16

  1. Fun furs

Faux furs (and real furs that don’t look it) are a key direction and the more fake the colour, texture and detail the better. The label has pinned the trend down with its tassel-trimmed and graduated shaggy coats and oversized scarf.

AJLJ fur board

Au Jour Le Jour pre-fall 16

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