Kendall Jenner for Mango: All the pictures

Mango has unveiled the complete collection for its Tribal Spirit microseasonal collection with a full set of pictures featuring collection star Kendall Jenner. The clothes are inspired by the African savannah and there has been a certain amount of criticism of the retailer for not using anyone African in the campaign.

While I agree that fashion as a whole can quite easily be challenged on a number of race issues, I’ve never subscribed to the idea that models should be chosen along ethnic lines. Matching clothes to ethnicity? That sounds a bit, err, racist.

Back with Mango, what we’ve got is a set of pictures in which Kendall does her usual professional job and looks as good as Mango must have been hoping she would.

I’m quite interested to see whether the retailer pulls out quite so many stops for its next few microseasons because it’s set itself quite a target if it’s going to feature a global supermodel in every one of its 12 collections a year.

One thought on “Kendall Jenner for Mango: All the pictures

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