SS16 campaign: Marni communes with nature

marni 6

Marni ad campaign SS16

In case you didn’t get the celebration of nature in Marni’s print story for SS16, the label’s new ad campaign really rams the point home.

Tom Hunter has shot model Suvi Koponen against a woodland backdrop with one shot resembling nothing less than a leopard sleeping after a big meal.

Not that the prints and colour combos blend-in as they would in nature. Anyone wearing Marni doesn’t have to worry about predators after all (well, not in the conventional sense of the word). As always with Marni, these pieces stand out in any crowd, even if that crowd is a group of trees and bushes rather than people.

marni 2

Marni ad campaign SS16

I like this one. Unlike some campaigns with a busy background, in this case the scenery throws the spotlight onto the clothes instead of detracting from them, which is what an ad campaign should be about.

It also feels suitably spring/summer without making too many assumptions about the seasonal weather. Spring/summer campaigns set against blistering hot backdrops are fine for labels targeting customers who spend their time globetrotting but Marni isn’t that kind of offer. These are clothes that have to work much harder for their keep…although tree-climbing in a £1k dress probably isn’t on the agenda of most customers this season.

marni 4

Marni ad campaign SS16

marni 5

Marni ad campaign SS16

marni 3

Marni ad campaign SS16

marni 1

Marni ad campaign SS16

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