Louis Vuitton AW16: The devil’s in the detail


Louis Vuitton AW16

At first glance I wasn’t overwhelmed by the latest Louis Vuitton collection from Nicolas Ghesquière. Yes, it tapped into a number of the season’s key trends. And yes, it also had that unique edge that’s a feature of many of the leading Paris labels.


Louis Vuitton AW16

But it didn’t grab me. Then I looked again, and again, and you know what? It started to grow on me. And what grew on me the most was what’s revealed when you look closer. The amazing detail, the high quality materials, the small touches with which high street stores just can’t compete because their margins are too slender.

I wish I could afford the leopard backpack or the hologram material bag, the lace-up combat boots or the mohair sweater…. but I can’t.

lv 4

Louis Vuitton AW16

Still, the next time someone nearly has a fit when they hear the price of a designer item and ask what justifies it, I can point to this collection – and to Valentino, Prada and many others who’ve shown this Fashion Month. OK, it may not be justifiable in universal terms given the state of the world. But in fashion terms it’s as good as it gets.


Louis Vuitton AW16

Pictures courtesy Vogue Runway


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