Keeping up with the, err… Jenners: Caitlyn does H&M

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 00.33.42Caitlyn Jenner has continued the family takeover of life, the universe and (almost) everything with reports that the world’s most famous transgender role model is a new face of H&M’s sports offer.

At the same time as daughter Kylie unveiled pictures from her Puma collaboration, Caitlyn Jenner announced the ‘face of’ deal with H&M via her own Instagram account.

As Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn, 66, competed in the Olympics during the 1970s, winning a gold decathlon medal in Montreal, and later became a US TV regular. Bruce came out as transgender last year complete with a famous Annie Leibovitz-photographed Vanity fair Cover and a name change to Caitlyn.

As Caitlyn, Jenner has been both lauded and criticised and, like many other pop culture figures, has even been been parodied on South Park.

It’s interesting that H&M has chosen a model who still generates such a large amount of controversy. Jenner has been praised as the most public face of ‘fluid gender’ movement, as well as being criticised for a basket of issues including involvement in a fatal car crash just over a year ago, supporting conservative Republican political issues and for not (yet) undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

“For H&M, it is important to show diversity and a range of personalities in everything we do. We have picked Caitlyn Jenner, one of the world’s most celebrated athletes, as part of this H&M Sports campaign because we want to illustrate that everything is possible – in sports, and in life. It is a collection of performance sportswear made to celebrate individuality and self-belief,” the Independent quoted an H&M spokesperson as saying.

Jenner also recently announced a collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

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