Calvin Klein campaign: The good, the bad and the ugly

Calvin Klein SS16

Calvin Klein SS16

I could probably be guaranteed to dislike the new Calvin Klein campaign simply because the press release that goes with it contains the words “zeitgeist”, “juxtapose”, “avant garde” and “millennials”. All that’s missing is “iconic”.

But what I really don’t like about it is some of the pictures. Not that I’m prudish, but hey, bum cleavage and crotch shots? I got over finding that arty when I was in my teens.

Some of the pictures are good (check out the first moodboard above), but the rest (moodboard two) feel exploitative – to me at least.

The fact that it was “shot by avant-garde photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon” and “captures the current youth culture zeitgeist” doesn’t get us away from the fact that their basically just… well, bum cleavage and crotch shots.

The celebs include Kendall Jenner, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Klara Kristin.

Maybe I’m just getting old..

Calvin Klein SS16

Calvin Klein SS16

2 thoughts on “Calvin Klein campaign: The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. It does feel like they need an overall creative head rather than just named designers for the catwalk collections so Raf Simons (assuming it’s him) couldn’t arrive too soon. I don’t think he really favours soft porn and if nothing else, I can’t see him going down “desperate to be cool” route!


  2. I hate it too. Not sure who their target market is — possibly aspirational teens — but it amounts almost to soft porn in many of the shots and not something we should be promoting. Presume when Raf’s new role kicks in he’ll be looking at something a little more tasteful in their ad campaigns ?


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