Amazon Prime Day: Wow… but not yet a fashion must-buy

Amazon Prime Day 2016It may not have the same ring about it as Christmas, Mother’s Day or even Black Friday but Amazon Prime Day (let’s call it APD) has turned into the biggest thing to hit summertime shopping in, well, ever.

The digital spending extravaganza saw some analysts estimating that Amazon saw sales close to $1bn on Tuesday, although more conservative estimates put it at around $640m. Last year sales were $400m on APD.

But how did fashion fare? After all, Amazon is currently reinventing itself as there world’s number one fashion destination.

According to at least one report, fashion didn’t do as well as the e-tail giant might have hoped. Amazon itself has given no overall figures so far but on a day reported to have seen overall orders up 60% globally and 50% in the US, fashion vendors were a little disappointed.

Researcher L2 told WWD that it was tracking clothing deals and it wasn’t a story of sell-outs. On average those that didn’t sell out sold around a quarter of their stock. Very few actually sold out and those that did tended to be for watches or sunglasses. One Ray-Ban Wayfarer deal sold out in a few minutes.

Not that this is necessarily a sign of lack on interest in APD. It may not yet see the volume of Alibaba’s Singles Day, but coming in mid-July when consumers are able to pick up bargains in clearance sales elsewhere, when shopping interest is far from fever pitch anyway and when consumer enthusiasm is muted due to global economic uncertainty, it’s pretty impressive.

It was also important for its effect on other retailers. While relatively few offered their own competing promotions, reports suggest overall web traffic spiked for rival sites on Tuesday. HookLogic reported a two or three times increase to some sites.

So what did sell well on the day? Amazon’s own devices like the Fire TV Stick (top item on the day), as well as Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers and Alexa-enabled devices.

The day was also important for attracting new $99 Amazon Prime members to join a community now almost 50m strong. And the company saw a spike in shoppers using Amazon’s app. It said over 1m shoppers used the app for the first time and orders from mobile devices surged.

So, APD might not yet have reached the status of a virtual public holiday but it’s something that can’t be ignored and if its impressive growth rate continues, it won’t be long before every other retail sees an APD response strategy as a must-have.

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