Gucci resort 2017 ads: Redgrave, Chatsworth and The Undertones

Vanessa Redgrave and Alessandro Michele, Gucci Resort 2017 adsGucci has released the images for its Resort 2017 campaign and while they follow the general Alessandro Michele template, they do contain the odd surprise.Gucci Resort 2017 adsThe biggest of these is the presence of Vanessa Redgrave. Not a celebrity we’d usually associate with a wholehearted endorsement of the luxury goods industry, she nonetheless does add to the whole air of Britishness around the collection (remember Michele show did in Westminster Abbey easier this year and it featured lots of British references, including Union Jack prints).

Gucci Resort 2017 adsRedgrave has been shot by Glen Luchford at Chatsworth House, providing another boost for the UK heritage industry from this pre-season’s collections after the Westminster Abbey gig and after Dior staged its mega show at Blenheim Palace.

Gucci Resort 2017 adsShe stars alongside Hannelore Knuts, Ellen de Weer, Nika Cole, Dwight Hoogendijk, Nick Fortna, Sophia Friesen, Conner Rowson and Victor Kusma, who look fashionably languid/bored/aristocratic/decadent etc.

As well as its heritage themes, the pre-season collection also has British youth culture undertones so it seems apt that the film accompanying the campaign (also shot by Luchford) has the Undertones’ My Perfect Cousin as its theme tune.

Gucci Resort 2017 ads

Gucci Resort 2017 ads

Gucci Resort 2017 ads

Gucci Resort 2017 ads

Gucci Resort 2017 ads

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