Isabel Marant SS17: Lots to like… no lots to LOVE

Isabel Marant SS17Isabel Marant must be one of the most copied designers around today. Not quite a household name in the way some other designers are, you must surely remember those high-heeled trainers, conical heel ankle boots and chain-wrapped longer boots? And the draped mini skirts that are all over the high street right now? Pure Marant.

Which makes her catwalk show one of the most watched on the fashion calendar. Last night, she didn’t disappoint with a bunch of ultra-wearable pieces

Isabel Marant SS17This show-without-a-theme (unless the theme was simply clothes women will want to wear) offered up plenty for Marant-istas to put on there wishlists. Personal favourite? The finale black jumpsuit. Zippered, glazed and defined with a corset wrap belt it was a strong mix of masculine basic with feminine shape.

Isabel Marant SS17In fact, waist definition ran throughout, either with more of those corset belts or long strips of leather wrapped and wrapped again to achieve the same effect. They set the seal on loose, high-waist cigar-shaped pants teamed with the season’s statement blouses, as well as Marant’s interpretation of SS17’s floral print dress, plus mini dresses for day or evening in shimmering or floral-print fabrics, some otherwise-loose outerwear cuts in humble cottons, and one great giant coat-dress with drawstring neckline and giant sleeves.

Isabel Marant SS17Marant used the frill as a key detail throughout (who didn’t this season?) on one-shoulder dress, crop tops, the cuffs on skinny pants, and blouses. But it made the most impact on the shoes. this label’s shoes are perhaps even more copied than its clothes and the new season’s flat, kitten or high heels come decorated with floral, metallic or plain leather frilling their way around the foot and ankle.

If I could ever bother to log-into Facebook, I’d be giving this one a big ‘like’.

Isabel Marant SS17

Isabel Marant SS17

Isabel Marant SS17

Isabel Marant SS17

Isabel Marant SS17

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