Shoppable video to bouncing dogs: When did Christmas ads get this interesting?

All of a sudden this year it feels like I can’t ignore Christmas ads. It used to be that it was only the big seasonal campaigns that felt that way. But since retailers committed mega budgets to Christmas and starting getting ultra competitive about who wins the ‘likes’ war, well it’s just one more Christmas pressure piled on.

So, I have to say I’m quite impressed with the effort this year. Not because it’s dance-based or features a remixed version of Dance of The Sugar-Plum Fairy. Fashion-meets-dance ads are ten a penny to be honest and I don’t like most of them (especially that House of Fraser one).

But it’s the tech element that’s cool. The film focuses on the retailer’s partywear offer and is shoppable. It uses tech from Cinematique, which is a touchable video platform. Bassically, you watch the video on your touchscreen, you tap what what you like and hey presto, you can buy it. And it all links up to a general push Farfetch is putting behind partywear on the site.

It still doesn’t beat John Lewis’s trampolining boxer for me (add a dog or a bouncing squirrel into any ad and I’m hooked). And I do like the Mulberry ad. Not usually being a fan of kids playing adults, I think the brand does the humour/pathos mix quite well without getting too slushy.

Harvey Nichols’ Britalia subtitled Italian drama is probably the best human-focused Christmas ad so far and looks a bit less “we tried SO very, very hard…” than many of them. Not so sure about M&S though. Maybe a touch more humour and a lead actress with a less strangely static face would have done the trick.

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