Night Owl

Black Friday Weekend: The rise of the night owl

Well, that was a surprise wasn’t it? All those predictions of an online surge and physical store armageddon seem to have been wrong. As I said in a post yesterday, it’s clear Black Friday weekend is still evolving. That became even clearer after some more figures today.

Christmas 2015: House of Fraser rules!

Was it a tale of weather woes at House of Fraser this Christmas? Not a bit of it. The department store chain that’s now owned by China’s Nanjing Cenbest had a grrrreat six-week Christmas trading period with comparable sales excluding VAT up 5.3%. OK, that didn’t match the 8% rise of a year ago but…

Black Friday US: Mobile, omnichannel win big

Black Friday is now an online phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic – it’s official. I’ve already analysed the move online at length in the UK but in the US, where Black Friday began (and where its existence makes a lot more sense), the migration to the web has taken some people by surprise…