Emma Cook, Alasdhair Willis to join Warehouse

Emma Cook board

Emma Cook, AW15 and pre-summer 16

Expect some big changes at Warehouse. It looks like Warehouse’s dynamic CEO Liz Evans has scored with the news that Emma Cook is joining design director and brand consultant Alasdhair Willis is taking a seat on the board.

Cook and Willis have been tasked with delivering a completely new brand proposition which means changes to products, stores and digital.

Willis may be best known to the world at large as Stella McCartney’s husband but to industry insiders, he’s the one who just revamped Hunter. And if that’s anything to go by, his arrival bodes well for the overall Warehouse brand profile.

But as someone who’s a lapsed Warehouse fan, it’s Cook’s appointment that I find most exciting. I’ve always liked her deft way with print, the simplicity of her silhouettes and her striking-but-subtle details.

The first fruits will appear for AW16. Can’t wait.

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