Pre-fall 2016 wishlist: Adam Lippes yellow lace dress

adam lippes dressThe jury’s still out on whether the current deluge of pre-fall 16 collections is giving us fashion that’s a) wonderfully inspiring, b) deadly dull, c) compellingly commercial, or d) too much of the same old thing.

But I’ve found more than a few pieces that’ll be pinned up on my Wishing Wall (if I can just get my printer to work).

This yellow lace dress from Adam Lippes is my standout piece from the last few days (excluding Gucci, which was full of standouts). The gentle trapeze silhouette takes it away from the frou-frou effect of so many lace pieces and the undulating hem adds an extra edge – as do the ankle strap animal print flats.

The sunshine yellow also makes it perfect for high summer events, from weddings to prom or days at the races, without looking stiff/uncomfortable/overdressed as so many of us do when we ditch the jeans or athleisure in favour of occasionwear.

If I hadn’t already bought a dress for my niece’s wedding next year, I’d consider this one – assuming I could win the lottery between now and then, of course.

I’d even give up my aversion to yellow that came about when, the last time I wore the colour, a woman stopped me and asked me where I’d got the dress because it “would be perfect for my daughter.” I was 39. Her daughter was about seven. Ouch!

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