What were the top fashion & beauty Google queries of 2015?

google fashion and beauty questions 2015

The Jenner sister and high heels – among our fashion and beauty obsessions last year

We’re all obsessed with looking better but just what are the specific questions we’re asking to help us achieve it? Well, Google has revealed its top US queries related to fashion and beauty from last year and it reveals a lot of people perplexed by relatively simple issues and possibly not getting the advice they need from stores, brands and their regular fashion/beauty reads.

On the fashion front we wanted to know how to walk in high heels. For me, the answer to that is – don’t try. But as most people would ignore that advice, Google throws back over 7m answers!

People also wanted to know what to wear on the first day of school (for non-US readers, I’m assuming that means college/university, as well as school).

And we were keen to learn how to fray jeans and tie a shirt, what a bride should wear to the rehearsal dinner (again, a problem that’s quite US-specific) and what to wear with booties (which I assume mean shoe-boots).

Other queries included wondering what mules are (see my trend piece from yesterday if you still don’t know), and what to wear to a wedding in the woods – a slightly nervous expression I’d say, if any of my walks in the woods are a guide.

The last two were how to dress up like internet character Miranda Sings (which could be a Halloween query?) and what colour shoes to wear with a black and blue dress – a question that seems too basic to deserve an answer.

So were we any more deep and insightful with our beauty queries? Uh-uh.

The top beauty queries US residents typed into Google’s search engine last year were dominated by Kardashian/Jenner-related queries (surprise, surprise). With how to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge being number one.

This is a scary indictment of our times as it involves a somewhat dodgy technique for making your lips look as full as Kylie’s. Dodgy it may be, but #KylieJennerLipChallenge was a major topic on social media last spring.

And after Jenner owned up to having had hyaluronic acid lip fillers, Google’s second biggest beauty search was the question what are lip fillers?

But the world wasn’t only focused on reality TV stars as it asked the next two most popular questions – how to remove gel nail polish and how to remove acrylic nails at home.

Men got a look-in too at number five as they wondered how to use beard balm. In fact, US men conducted more hair-related searches last year than women did.

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