AW16: Faith Connexion’s sexed-up cool

Faith Connexion AW16 1

Faith Connexion AW16

Faith Connexion is turning into one of my favourite labels. Under Christophe Decarnin it’s become one of the most directional – but also wearable – denim-meets-urban-luxe lines around.

If you don’t know Decarnin, he’s the designer who transformed Balmain from staid to sexy before Olivier Rousteing got to it. I’ve got nothing against Rousteing, but I never quite got why Decarnin’s brand of Sexed-Up Cool was rejected in favour of Rousteing’s more obvious Kardashian-Kool.

Faith Connexion 4

Faith Connexion AW16

Anyway, apparently since then he and most of the team he had at Balmain have been ensconced at FC, personally avoiding the limelight but putting out clothes that are definitely made to be seen.

Forget the layers of photosession styling. Forget the fact that most of this women’s collection is photographed on men. And forget those crazily high platforms. These pieces are designed to work in real life. Maybe not careerwear, I admit, but a biker gilet, low-rise flares, a loose denim tunic dress, or military jackets with printed-on gilt military ‘trim’ all look like they could slot easily into my wardrobe.

Faith Connexion AW16 2

Faith Connexion AW16

I particularly love the way the label does decorated denim without making it feel too girly while also making sure its loose-cut streetwear pieces and decorated utility khakis do feel, well, girly (even when modelled by men).

The only downside to the label as far as I’m concerned is the pricing, with the average jeans price making other premium denim ranges look cheap, cheap, cheap. Ho hum, another one for the never-to-be-had wishlist I suppose.

Faith Connexion AW16 3

Faith Connexion AW16

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