US e-tail surges in November, shoppers get sleepy

sleepwear board

Target (top left), Urban Outfitters (bottom left), all other pictures Aerie

US consumers are finally getting into the autumn/winter clothes shopping groove and e-commerce looks to be a big beneficiary, at least according to performance marketing firm HookLogic.

Apparently, traffic measured as total product page views, has risen 44% this month compared to October and conversion rates are up too, the company told WWD.

So what are shoppers buying/browsing? Just what retailers want and need them to buy at this time of year, it seems. Dresses have risen 9%, which looks good for the party season. Outerwear is up 21%, although it’s a shame consumers weren’t more outerwear-focused a couple of months ago when cold weather gear first dropped. Jewellery has surged 57%, so we know what’s going to be in a lot of Christmas stockings this year. And sleepwear (presumably cosy, wintry pyjamas) has jumped – wait for it – 219%. Yes, you read that correctly.

Interestingly though, while the average number of items in consumers’ online shopping carts has gone up from 3.3 items at the start of November to 3.4 by mid-month, average ticket prices have dropped quite a lot – from $108 to $96. It looks like shoppers aren’t over markdown mania just yet and price is still a driving force behind purchasing decisions.

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