EE Capture Cam: World’s first wearable camera goes on sale


As of today, consumers can buy the world’s first wearable 4G camera. EE’s 4GEE Capture Cam is the newest product in the brand’s connected device range and can easily be attached to your clothes or accessories.

Why would you want to? EE says you can “capture everyday adventures and … broadcast live using personal broadcasting service, Skeegle.”

Again, I ask why? Well, at the single click of a button businesses can stream video to their customers, partners and colleagues, while the rest of us can share events with friends and family, whether it’s a ‘should-I-buy-this?’ changing room moment, a night out or a kick-about in the park.


OK, that makes more sense. Actually, to a camera-obsessed techy geek like me, it even sounds like fun. But is it really ‘wearable’? And this time I’m asking that as a woman who loves clothes, rather than a techy geek.

Yes it is, although it’s not exactly invisible. EE says it weighs just 90g, measures 5.5 cm all round and is less than 3cm thick including the clip that can attach it to a bag or jacket, which sounds reasonable. It can also be fitted to a variety of mounts and accessories.

You don’t have to keep grabbing your lapel to make it work either. Its companion app allows users to control all camera functions direct from their smartphone with the phone’s screen acting as the camera’s viewfinder.

And it’s not one of those wearable spy camera-type devices of old that gave you little more than a faint blur. It features an 8MP camera capable of capturing still images and live video at a variety of resolutions and frame rates. It also includes 4GB of internal memory, which expands to up to 64GB with an external memory card.

EE is offering the camera on a number of data plans for £9.99 or on pay as you go for £129.99-£199.99. I might give it a try.


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