Pre-fall 2016 pattern: Butterfly Effect vs The Birds

butterfly bird board

Markus Lupfer, Akris, Gucci, Giamba

Print and pattern specialists have gone head over heels for flora and fauna this pre-season which means there’s a surefire way to update key pieces. Choose your motifs from among our feathered friends or get the butterfly effect.

A flock of birds in flight, stylised swans  and naive, almost childlike birds are all on the agenda. Meanwhile butterflies range from the giant and ultra-detailed to a single colour outline.

At its simplest, this trend comes as a smallscale allover print – the fun is discovering just what the print is all about as you get closer. But what feels newer is a statement placement printed, knitted-in, or embroidered.

birds board

Akris, Kate Spade, Red Valentino, Red Valentino, Gucci, Markus Lupfer, Coach

That can mean a can’t-miss-it giant motif or something more subtle – think of a pocket trim or decoration for a collar or cuff.

Also looking fresh, the birds and the butterflies are mixed in with folkloric florals or contrasted with something that’s completely left field (at Gucci that means butterflies or birds meeting snakes head on).

The exotic edge to this trend makes it perfect for occasionwear as well as warm weather dresses and cosy knits. It’s also a strong direction for accessories, helping to drive the decorative leather bags/boots trend, as well as offering lots of ideas for jewellery.

butterfly board

Philipp Plein, Giamba, Giamba, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Gucci, Philipp Plein, Philipp Plein

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