Barbie loves Target: Pushing diversity through swimwear!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 13.29.02

Swimwear by Target, bodies by Barbie

Target Corp is building on its swimsuit campaign of a year ago and has turned to Barbie to help it reach women of different body shapes ands ethnicities.

Last year its Target Loves Every Body campaign was all about inclusivity and this year it’s encouraging customers on social to tag #NOFOMO (no fear of missing out), which it says is all about shaking off body insecurities and not letting anything get in the way of having fun when wearing a swimsuit.

So where does Barbie come in? She’s modelling several new looks inspired by Target’s swimsuits following the Barbie brand’s addition of three new body types, (curvy, petite and tall), and an expansion in the variety of skin tones and hairstyles Barbie has.

These new dolls will be available starting today and Target has made mini versions of its newest swimsuits for them to wear. Check it out on Barbie’s Instagram and or find the swimsuits in-store at Target.

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