Kendall & Kylie Jenner – proof of a slow trend cycle

Kendall Jenner shopping in Ugg, NYC

Kendall Jenner shopping in Ugg, NYC

One of the things people outside the fashion and beauty industries like to say about trends is that they’re “getting faster” these days. Hmmm. That’s one of those claims that always bugs me. The fact is, trends move as slowly as they always have done.

Many of the most commercial silhouettes and key items today have been with us for some time, which is why retailers are always wondering just how to make their skinny jeans and Breton tops feel new season after season.

This really struck me when the latest crop of celebrity pics popped up in my inbox this morning. Kendall and Kylie Jenner can be seen, their hair smoothed to perfection (that started back in the 90s), shopping for Ugg boots (also hitting the trend sweet spot round about the late 90s and still going strong), in skinny jeans (early noughties) and sweat pants/cropped hoody (back to the 90s again).

Kendall’s upscale MA1 flight jacket may be a more recent introduction but even that’s a throwback (my husband wore one of those on our first date in 1983 and it wasn’t exactly shockingly new back then).

Oh, and anyone who thinks this post is just an excuse to publish some pictures of Kendall and Kylie – how could you even think that?

Kendall Jenner in Ugg's Amie boots and Kylie Jenner in lace-up Bethany boots

Kendall Jenner in Ugg’s Amie boots and Kylie Jenner in lace-up Bethany boots

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