An apple a day makes wearable tech pay


Wearable tech doesn’t only have to mean gadgets and gizmos – it can also mean apples. We’ve had skincaring tights and jeans before but they’ve never really taken off. Now Japanese chemical maker Teijin said it’s developed a new fibre containing cosmetic ingredient malic acid (which is found most abundantly in apples) that means care-as-you-wear is a reality.

The company said it’ll make the first longlasting wearable cosmetics clothing including women’s underwear and detachable sleeves.

How will it achieve this? By combining polyester fibres with the skin brightening and smoothing malic acid. Importantly, even after 50 washes Teijin said most of the malic acid will still be there (don’t forget previous skincaring fibres lost the skincare ingredients much faster).

They’ll be available in Japan next March under the Raffinan brand and will target women in their 30s and 40s. Items will be priced at around ¥1,500-¥4,000 ( £8-£22). Can’t wait. Shame they’ll only be available in Japan – now where’s my passport…?

2 thoughts on “An apple a day makes wearable tech pay

  1. So oldies (ahem!) like you and I can look after our skin via our tights, sleeves, camisoles etc.That’s the idea anyway. I’m up for it as I’m very lazy when it comes to using body skincare products.


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