Tablets still key in an m-commerce world say Walmart, Amazon

ipad mini

The new Apple iPad Mini 4

Two things became very clear from Cyber Monday. Well, a lot more became clear actually but for now I’m focusing on just two. Mobile is key, really, really key. And we shouldn’t write off tablets any time soon.

First, let’s look at mobile. Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer said today: “Mobile firmly established itself as the dominant shopping trend, for both traffic and sales.”

The company said mobile is making up more than 70% of traffic to But it’s not just about visitors browsing because nearly half of its actual orders since Thanksgiving have been placed on a mobile device – that’s double compared to last year.

“Our customers went from previously mostly searching and browsing on mobile, to making purchases at a much higher rate,” it said of stats that simply can’t be ignored.

And what about tablets? Despite falling sales and a lot of analysts predicting that tablets are being squeezed out by larger-screen smartphones and touchscreen laptops, it looks like they’re making a comeback.

Walmart said iPad minis sold strongly and were among the products that gained the biggest boost in popularity over the past few days. Meanwhile, Amazon sold a massive number of its own-brand Fire tablets. In fact, Fire sales rose threefold and proved to be among the bestselling devices across its platforms.

Amazon said: “We’ve reached a tipping point with Fire, it is our fastest-selling tablet ever. We’ve already built millions and we’re ramping up production to build millions more.”

So there you have it – think mobile, but don’t only think smartphone.

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