It’s going to be an Ugg-ly Christmas


Kendall Jenner shopping for UGGs

If the parcel that’s currently sat under your Christmas tree is shoe box shaped, I think I might know what’s in there.

Apparently, ‘UGGs’ and ‘UGG’ have secured two of the top 10 spots in Experian’s most searched terms following Black Friday, Deckers, the UGG brand’s owner said yesterday.

UGGs were in number two spot and while UGG was at number nine in the list of the most sought-after items this Holiday season.

The brand overall was also Cyber Monday’s top searched item and it’s the only non-electronic brand that has consistently secured a spot in Experian’s top five.


It’s been helped by a host of celebrity endorsers including big league influencer Oprah, the Jenner sisters and brand ambassador Tom Brady.

brady and jenners

Looks like Tom Brady and Kendall and Kylie Jenner found what they wanted

2 thoughts on “It’s going to be an Ugg-ly Christmas

  1. That’s certainly one point of view! I think they’re Marmite boots – you either love them or hate them. But you have to admit that Deckers really knows how to take a product that could have had its moment in the sun and then faded fast because of the vast number of copies there are out there. Instead they’ve gone from strength to strength.


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