SS16 campaign: Gucci geeks hit Berlin

gucci ss16 ad 6

Gucci’s SS16 ad campaign offers up few surprises given the new direction in which Alessandro Michele is taking the label. It’s a celebration of quirkiness, geekiness and youth – with perhaps just too much of a focus on excessively skinny models.

Not that any of that is a criticism (well, the skinny bit is, but asking the fashion industry to stop celebrating the ultra-skinny is like asking a fish to stop swimming).

gucci ss16 ad 5

I’m actually fascinated by the way Michele is reinventing the brand and creating a buzz around it that it hasn’t enjoyed since the halcyon days of Tom Ford’s tenure.

The new look may not necessarily reflect the well-heeled and (relatively) conservative archetypal Gucci customer. But it’s doing a great job at convincing that customer – and a host of new ones – that Gucci is once again cool.

gucci ss16 ad 1

So what about this campaign? Shot by Glen Luchford in Berlin, it evolves from the everyday scenarios of the AW15 campaign. This time the models are shot against the most mundane backdrops (a subway stairwell, a tiled floor, what looks like a public toilet) while wearing the most anti-reality pieces from the SS16 collection.

gucci ss16 ad 3

I think I like it, but I can’t decide 100% just yet. Maybe I need some time for it to grow on me fully. What do you think?

gucci ss16 ad 4

gucci ss16 ad 2

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