Wishlist: Cos’s simple silver seasonal sizzle

Cos board

My wishlists are usually never-to-be-achieved collections of Belstaff, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Céline and the like. But my latest object of desire is a (relatively) affordable dress from Cos.

It’s an £89 new-in piece that’s striking in its simplicity, even if it’s not overloaded with hanger appeal. The company lets the metallic sheen (achieved by coating a fine viscose rib knit) do all the talking and also gives a nod to all the silvers that are to come for SS16. The hems are raw-cut and… well, that’s it really.

OK, I’ve not seen it in the flesh and I have to take into account that I’m not as young/thin/tall as the model here. Actually, most of the population isn’t as young/think/tall as her (especially young – and I definitely don’t see many teenagers in Cos).

But ignoring those inconvenient facts, it’s my favourite party piece so far this year. One word of warning though – a look like this really flies if it’s kept as simple as intended. If the dress is too fitted it enters boringly sexy territory and if it’s over-accessorised then the combination of metallic and (much as I hate the word) ‘bling’ is just OTT. So forget Essex and follow a more Scandi-meets-low-countries vibe. Don’t think TOWIE, think TOWIA (The Only Way Is Antwerp)!

9 thoughts on “Wishlist: Cos’s simple silver seasonal sizzle

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