Mango’s New Metallics: Full Karlie Kloss picture line-up released

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Mango New Metallics starring Karlie Kloss SS16

Mango has released more of the images from its New Metallics monthly ultra-fast fashion micro collection and it’s something of a relief to see that the retailer isn’t expecting us to walk around in head-to-toe silver. 

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Mango New Metallics starring Karlie Kloss SS16

The fashion industry flirts with metallics on a regular basis, which is perhaps a surprise given that metallics are a tough call for many consumers outside of party season. For SS16 that flirtation is a full-blown affair but to make it work, many labels have opted to make a metallic statement through footwear and accessories. A silver bag or silver accent on a pair of sandals? So much more wearable than a silver dress, jacket or trousers.

So perhaps it’s brave of Mango to opt for dresses and separates. Or maybe not. In the spirit of the 1990s grunge trend Mango cites as an influence, the retailer is working the extreme shine against the contrast of distressed  denim, the ubiquitous biker jacket and pure white basics. It’s a style direction that makes silver easier to wear with a touch of urban cool rather than Towie-style glitz.

Mango New Metallics starring Karlie Kloss SS16

Yes, you can of course wear allover silver if you like but it’s a trend that’s hard to carry off (unless you look like Karlie Kloss, of course) with too much of a costume party feel about it. That said, the silver dress Cos offered pre-Christmas was a winner style-wise, so it’s good that mango has channelled a similar spirit of minimalism-tinged maximalism and kept the silver pieces here ultra-simple. Too much styling detail would have been a step too far given such a powerful style and colour statement.

2 thoughts on “Mango’s New Metallics: Full Karlie Kloss picture line-up released

  1. I think Mango have really upped their game this season. Karlie Kloss aside ( and what happened to Kate Moss for Mango — that was a brief flirtation), they have jumped on trends quickly and their merchandising looks much more coordinated with real trend stories. Metallics were really successful in the 90s — think Helmut Lang inspiration — and may well be in for a revival so they could have backed a winner. Or not as you rightly say ! I did buy And Other Stories silver parka last autumn ( on mark-down obviously) and when my son saw me in it on arrival at Auckland airport, did say ” It’s not Christmas for 3 weeks” …….. Maybe silver accessories are the option.


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