Pre-fall 2016 jacket trend: Bomber beats biker

formal board

Day-into-night: Victoria by Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Elie Saab, Alexander Wang, Gucci

The presence of the bomber jacket in many pre-fall 16 collections may not be earth-shattering news but it does represent a key alternative to the ubiquitous biker… and a bigger opportunity than the biker to play with colour, texture and fabric.

These new jackets are part classic bomber, part varsity jacket, part blouson. But they’re all key item and work for both day and evening, depending on the fabric/embellishment.

dark board

Dark drama: Alexander Wang, Alexander Wang, Tomas Maier, Elie Saab, Coach

Keep them cropped to waist length, unless they’re being extended into coat-length for a more on-trend parka alternative.

Shine is a key element of many jackets, whether it’s the subtlety of bead embellishment, metallic embroidery, grommets, the soft sheen of leather sleeves or the full-on shine of coloured satin.

casual board

Casual style: Rosetta Getty, Alexander Wang, Coach, Coach

2 thoughts on “Pre-fall 2016 jacket trend: Bomber beats biker

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  2. I’m sure I had a jacket like the first one in the 70s. These are yummy, love the satin ones with embroidered embellishments. The checkered one is redolent of Breaking Bad


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